Intro to Data Management Systems

We know how much information you, your team, and your company process.

We know how much knowledge your company stores, which is your treasure and market advantage.

We know the challenge of managing the amount of information coming from different sources.

Is there a structure that helps to control this?

It depends on your situation, but with good practices and established data structure, we increase the chances of mastering information and knowledge in your company, making it easier to store, display, and edit the entered information.


What is company data system?

<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" width="40px" /> A company data system is a system that helps to organise, capture, store, and share knowledge and information to enhance productivity and decision-making.




Company Data System

A company data system enables organisations to effectively capture, store, organise, and share knowledge and information.

Why to do it?

It is designed to enhance productivity, decision-making, and collaboration within the company.

All data together

By implementing a knowledge management system, companies can create a centralised repository for storing various types of information, such as processes, procedures, documents, files, invoices, contracts, projects, and tasks.

Easy of using

The system should allow easy addition and editing of information as knowledge evolves with the company's development and changing business situations. It should also provide robust search capabilities to quickly retrieve stored information.


Collaboration features, including discussions, brainstorming, and comments, should be incorporated to facilitate knowledge sharing and organisation within teams.


Additionally, assigning responsibility to individuals for specific knowledge areas ensures that the information remains up-to-date and accurate. The form of information presentation should match its type, whether it's diagrams, visualizations, text, or relational databases.

Why you need Company Data System?

<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" width="40px" /> Know-how is the absolute foundation of your company.


Knowledge that is collectively available, rather than in the minds of individuals, fuels the growth of your company.

By organizing the flow of information and knowledge within the company, you influence order and organization, which translates into a stable work environment and reliance on corporate knowledge, rather than uncertainty, constant questions, and repeated mistakes.

Build a company knowledge repository.


How we approach to building Knowledge System?

To achieve this, you need a single system that everyone has access to and can manage information such as: ⚙️ Processes and procedures of specific areas and domains 📄 Documents, files, invoices, and contracts 🏣 Business domains and company areas ✅ Projects and tasks

A good Company Data Management System enables the following interactions and considers the following aspects

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Easy way of information adding to the system is key to a functional knowledge base.

It is very important to make it easy and intuitive how to add proper information to proper section


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Knowledge evolves with the company's development and business situation.

It’s crucial to design system where editing data is easy and intuitive


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The system must provide easy searching of stored information.

This is facilitated by well-prepared dashboards, data aggregators, good naming conventions, and responsible individuals for specific knowledge areas.


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Team Collaboration

A company is made up of people.

We create company data systems that enable sharing within a team.

Discussion, brainstorming, and comments added by the team are the foundation of good information organisation.


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A specific person is assigned to a particular business domain and is responsible for ensuring that knowledge on that topic is up to date.

In case of questions, the responsible person can provide guidance and assistance in the specific domain.


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Data Visualisation

Based on data you collect we can create visualisation which gives you better perspective from the same set of data

Sometimes, a diagram and visualisation are the best form, other times it may be text and paragraphs, and sometimes a relational database.


What we do with that?

We are implementing the Company Data System to organise the following aspects in our company: